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In this series,  I took a whiteground plate and redrew it. Using the photogravure process and combining the mechanics of printmaking and transitioning into an organic image using materials such as white ground, I have tried to create an experience of resemblance and discovery within the two pieces, both separately as well as together.  I took a whiteground plate and recreated it by hand


I wanted to recreate something that can never be repeated again.  Taking the time with an image so intricately detailed and replicating it by hand from within the white ground and acid onto another surface enabled me to recognize and show what is beneath the surface.  As I worked intensely on this piece I was able to see how both images are related and what is happening differently.  It is not merely about the surface quality but what is happening beyond that surface.  Finding different scenes, forms, textures, and figures at first seems easy, but these forms are not initially obvious; you have to look for them.  If you take time to study it, new lines, shapes and images appear, creating new orders and relationships.  

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